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20 May 2020 @ 01:57 am
Welcome to my Master Ficlist.  I'll do my best to keep this updated and current.

Happy Reading!


Queer As FolkCollapse )

SHINee Collapse )

A/N: I realize this isn't super organized & probably missing a few things as well....but I'll be working on it.   .....I honestly had no idea I had so much shit. TT__TT Also I'm sure I have inevitably lost some of my writings, I have a hard time believing that I bookmarked everything - ya know?  So if you find a lost puppy *wink wink* feel free to nudge me and let me know.  Also let me know if you want me to include more info in the little blurbs for each fic. and if anyone wants to...y'know make it prettier/more organized....I wouldn't be opposed to the help.  XD
18 July 2011 @ 12:49 pm
I promised my bellissima pam81 this drabble forever ago for her generous donation to the Japan relief fund.  I'm sorry it took me so long darling!  I made it a double drabble, and I hope that you like it.  *hugs you tight* Thank you again!!

Author: a_life_defiant 
Title: More than a lover
Timeframe: any really, but you could do post S3 if you really want to have a solid date.
Rating: PG
Warnings: slight angst, but nothing other than that.
Word count: 200  (excluding lyrics)

click me!Collapse )
01 June 2011 @ 12:35 am
Title: I've Got My Hooks In You
Author: a_life_defiant 
Pairing: MinKey
Rating: NC-17
Genre: PWP
Warnings: slight bondage, cum-swapping, needle-play/suspension, blood-play, slight feltching, and general man-handling over all.

Summary: Key has rather unconventional plans for Minho.

A/N: EXTREMELY belated b-day fic for muh hubby nerd_b00ger . Sorry it took me so long!!!

You are so annoying. You know, I preferred you when you were 'the quiet one'. I have half a mind to chloroform you, but seeing as how we're the only ones here... I see no point. Collapse )
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Title: Slippery When Wet
Author: a_life_defiant 
Rating: R
Paring: MinKey
Genre: Drabble-ish, fluff-ish

Summary: Once again, Key is on his hands an knees....

A/N: Birthday fic for my tiger cub/lover/sexypants/shared wife maxism12 

Key was on his knees, sweat dripping down his face, and panting hard. Collapse )
10 May 2011 @ 10:04 pm
Title: Incinerate
Author: a_life_defiant 
Pairing: OnKey
Rating: NC-17
Genre: PWP

Summary: If lust is fire...then Key is a pyromaniac, and Onew is his target. 

A/N: Birthday fic for creepyhole . I hope you like it bb!! L♥J FOREBAH!!!!

Key was going to set him on fire and watch him writhe; only to then inject liquid C-4 into his veins and wait for him to explode. Collapse )
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06 May 2011 @ 01:49 am
Title: Ducks Are Stupid
Author: a_life_defiant
Rating: R (for language & mentions of sex)
Genre:Drabble, fluff, humor
Warnings:None, unless you find fluffy things offensive.

A/N: For my beautiful fiancé shineeafterscho. Happy Birthday my love! I know this isn't much, but I hope you like it. ^^


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09 January 2011 @ 06:50 pm
Title:Impossibilities Made Possible
Author: a_life_defiant 
Beta: none
Pairing: 2Min (Taemin/Minho)
Rating: NC-17
Summary: He said it himself "I didn't know it was impossible, therefore it was possible." So why wasn't he taking his own advice?

A/N: Emergency smut for ippeun_nuna I hope this helps bb!!!  *hugs you tight*

whoa! sex...Collapse )
07 December 2010 @ 02:21 am
Title: Of Ugly Clothes and Infernos
Author: a_life_defiant
Beta: none for meeee
Paring: MinKey (and an unnamed ninja!coupling ;D )
Genre: drabble
Rating: R for language & sexual situations.
Summary: Key has a lot of questions.  Minho doesn't have any answers, but he does have something else...

Wha- did someone just grab my ass?Collapse )
07 November 2010 @ 12:55 pm
no reason for the title that was just in my head.

anyway.  I'm making a cut.  nothing personal.  that's the whole point.  we probably never talk, you haven't used your journal in over 6 months, or something of that nature. 

lurking has kinda given me the heebies lately.  if you haven't said anything to me at least once in the last 6 months, then why are you here?  I'm not trying to be an asshole, but I can't really believe you are all that interested in my life if you never even talk to me.  95% of all my fics are posted directly on the comms and not to my journal.  so if that's why you have me friended - then you really needn't worry. 

speaking on the 5% of fics that I post here......those F-list Friday fics are for my Friends.  it's something special I do for them b/c I'm genuinely happy to have them in my life and to be in theirs.  it's my way of showing I give a shit.

And I don't mean to come across harshly, I'm just laying it down.  I will also say that PMing at the last second, when you've said nothing to me before, is kind of a dick move.  *shrugs*

so yeah.  I'll be getting on that later tonight.


EDIT:  and the f-list hath been purged.  if you feel there was a mistake feel free to let me know.  but just so **you** know, I wasn't just running around with scissors all willy-nilly for the hell of it.  I took time to decide accordingly.
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